Köpa Filler



Regenovue Filler

Full line-ups for various applications, 100% cross-linked with BDDE

The half-life of natural HA administered in the body is very short,
so it has to be modified (cross-linked) in order to increase the stability in vivo.

REGENOVUE’s special bonding and manufacturing technique (patent pending) allows longer duration and effectiveness, compared to its competitors.

REGENOVUE comes in diversified models depending on molecular size for various applications.

High Quality Hyaluronic Acid → Non animal base

→ Bacterial extract natural substance
→ High purity(Endotoxin < 0.0015IU/mg) → Biodegradable

Highly Cross-Linked
→ Linking material: BDDE

→ Specialized manufacturing technique: Patent pending → Increasing volume and duration

High Viscosity
→ Long-lasting duration

→ Supporting skin texture stably to maintain elasticity

Highly Consistent Monophasic Structure → Regular and compact pattern

→ Stable and constant structure → Natural volume
→ Smooth injecting feeling

Having Full Line Up
→ Various choice and accurate application → Including

Köpa filler