Pluryal filler




Pluryal filler

Women and men who have decided to rejuvenate the skin with the help of beauty injections usually want to get a natural result. Nowadays, specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine are able to restore contours and volumes of the face almost with complete identity to the natural look.

To obtain a harmonious result, experts advise colleagues to use multi-layer technique: using dense gels to restore the facial skin, therefore, it is easier to fill wrinkles. Doctors recommend starting a global rejuvenation with recovery of the volume and contours of the face, applying fillers of such consistency as PLURYAL VOLUME with LIDOCAINE.

PLURYAL VOLUME with LIDOCAINE has been introduced to cosmetic medicines market in 2010 by “MD Skin Solutions” company (Luxembourg, Switzerland). The volumetric solution includes also a local anesthetic – lidocaine.

This agent represents the third generation of hyaluronic fillers – monophasic preparations based on hyaluronic acid, synthesized using bacterial strains.

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The results of the injection procedure with the usage of PLURYAL VOLUME with LIDOCAINE can be following regarding goals and threated areas:

Lip enhancement, correction their contour, correction of asymmetry
Replenishment of soft tissue deficit in the area of cheekbones, cheeks, chin
Changing the shape of the nose
Restoration of the face oval
Smoothing deep creases and wrinkles
Correction of the back of the hands, intimate areas.
In the production of this dermal filler, the patented “PREMIUM” technology is used. This technology corresponds to the European standards of medical products ISO 13485 and GMP.

Thanks to that mentioned technology, PLURYAL VOLUME with LIDOCAINE has a few advantages. Hyaluronic acid molecules in the agent are connected by intermolecular and intramolecular bonds – due to this property the gel is slowly excreted from the body, keeps shape and volume for a long time.

This product is easily injected into the dermis and evenly distributed in the tissues, without forming tubercles and irregularities. PLURYAL VOLUME with LIDOCAINE easily penetrates the dermis tissue. Thus, additional corrections are not required. The decomposition of the gel occurs evenly, the outlines of the face are not deformed.

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